Off site workshops

Woven City Restoration hosts workshops with partnering agencies to meet people where they are at. We recently held workshops at SOSRCO in Rochester. Our first workshops were used to introduce people to woodworking and tools. We rebuilt picnic tables for the Rochester Youth Soccer Association. This workshop introduced participants to measuring, cutting with a miter saw, use of a speed square and drill and how to cut angles. We had fun deconstructing a picnic table so we could rebuild it!

Currently we are hosting a handful of workshops with recycled materials including nails, screws, and wood we had in the shop. The participants were able to create a piece of artwork for themselves or as a gift. This workshop introduced power tools and simple hand tools like C-clamps, hammers, and pliers. The participants were willing to try power tools and eager to create! There are artists in our midst!

Check out other events and workshops at https://www.facebook.com/wovencity.org/