Renewed People. Revitalized Communities.

Through Enterprise Development, Individual Mentorship, and asset-based Neighborhood Engagement, Woven Community Development seeks to pursue the responsible revitalization and economic, social and spiritual flourishing of Rochester, NH and surrounding communities.

Why "Woven"?

Harkening back to the textile mills that shaped the early infrastructure of our region, we could say that a city is, by nature, a fabric. We are a fabric of individuals, neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses, politics and parks. We believe that, to truly INSPIRE renewal and life for our city, community-minded businesses and individuals must learn how to CONSPIRE together toward the purpose of our corporate flourishing; working together such that our assets and energies might be leveraged and multiplied toward that brighter future. That is to say, it is as we appreciate the manner in which the fabric of our city depends upon the strength and quality of our inter-woven nature, the closer we will come to the transformation we so desire to see


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The Sky's the Limit.


As a brand new entity, we here at Woven have got a BIG vision: limited resources, plus nearly limitless potential, equals quite an adventure! In the end it is TOGETHER, as neighbors and co-conspirators, that we will see our city and region press through the challenges before us to come to a place of shared economic, social and spiritual flourishing.  

The Vision:

We envision a community transformed by neighbors creating opportunities for themselves and others: Renewed and inspired PEOPLE, lifting up, investing in and revitalizing their COMMUNITIES. 

The Strategy:

Economic, personal and neighborhood renewal established through individual mentorship, business/enterprise development, asset-based planning and strategic local partnerships.

The Plan:

To facilitate connections between churches, local non-profits, the city, and neighborhood residents in order to address the multifaceted needs of the community. To develop new businesses for the purpose of creating mentoring and developmental spaces for those with barriers to employment and personal flourishing; particularly those in recovery and returning from incarceration. To equip and mobilize volunteers as mentors and advocates for their neighbors, and for the vitality of their neighborhoods.


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We're just getting started. 


Woven Community Development Association has been created in order to serve as an organizational and logistical "umbrella" for a number of emerging initiatives. Some have already begun to come together, others remain in development, pending funding support and the appropriate timing. Here's where we're at:


Phase 1: Woven City Restoration


A retail brand of the Woven Community Development Association, WOVEN CITY RESTORATION works with those in our program to restore, create and sell unique, custom high-quality furniture pieces crafted from discarded or otherwise previously unwanted materials. As of October 2018 we have a wood shop available for mentors/recovery coaches as well as for people interested in learning new skills on their recovery journey. Applications are currently being accepted for our part time apprenticeship program.

Contact to schedule a time.

Phase 2: Woven Works

The workforce mentoring program of Woven Community Development Association, WOVEN+WORKS aims to come alongside those who are faced with various barriers to employment - from inexperience, to a history of substance abuse and incarceration - and offer an onramp to self-sufficiency through a season of intensive personal mentoring and job training.

Phase 3: Woven Makerspace

A collaborative space where individuals can learn and create using shared tools and technology, enabled by their own skills, inspiration, and resources.  A public space that enables anyone and everyone to participate in the “Maker Movement” a revolution bringing fine motor skills and creative, critical thinking back to our communities.

Phase 4: Woven Coffee Co.

Every home needs a living room, and every city needs a coffee shop. At present, Rochester, NH is a city without a living room. An aspiring “Main St.” community full of promise, potential, and projections of long-term growth our downtown has struggled, yet, to draw and maintain the full stable of cornerstone businesses that would inspire the foot traffic and “destination” culture necessary for a truly thriving, New England, downtown community. If we may learn anything from urban renewals that have gone before us, however, there is certainly hope for Rochester, NH, and it all begins with a good, strong cup of coffee.