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The Opportunity:

It all starts with coffee.

Every home needs a living room, and every city needs a coffee shop. At present, Rochester, NH is a city without a living room. An aspiring “Main St.” community full of promise, potential, and projections of long-term growth our downtown has struggled, yet, to draw and maintain the full stable of cornerstone businesses that would inspire the foot traffic and “destination” culture necessary for a truly thriving, New England, downtown community. If we may learn anything from urban renewals that have gone before us, however, there is certainly hope for Rochester, NH, and it all begins with a good, strong cup of coffee.

About one half of all Americans drink coffee. The other half loves coffee shops, anyway. A comfortable couch, a strong wifi signal, and an open invitation to sip, snack, chat and otherwise spend one’s morning working or relaxing in the company of friends in the heart of your hometown; the appeal is both broad and deep. Sure, we’ve got drive-throughs and corporate java-depots on the urban outskirts aplenty, but WOVEN aims to scratch a different itch, entirely. A truly great cup of coffee is the beginning - a starting point - but in the end we’re less concerned with just slinging beverages than we are with building community. Truly great coffee shops are about more than coffee; their ultimate commodity is culture. A place for friends, for the arts, for youth, for conversation; a place for the seeds of renewal to sink deep and find nourishment until they break forth into flower across the community at large.

Make no mistake: We aim to be a truly great coffee shop.

In practical terms: at WOVEN COFFEE CO., we aim to champion the small businesses and infrastructure  - the fabric - of our city in every manner that we are able. Sourcing locally, serving products prepared by in-town chefs and vendors, hiring neighbors and being the best of civic partners; our heart is for our city and our eye is on her future. Organized under our not-for-profit entity, WOVEN COFFEE CO. is prepared to engage the challenges of reaching sustainability in this leading-edge capacity and economic climate, and carry on through circumstances that might derail or deter a traditional for-profit business model.