Homegrown Literacy Support

Rochester has a new free lending library sitting in a cozy spot just off of Main St.  This library nestled into the top of the Wyandotte walkway was a collaboration of city entities.  Our Rochester Rotary chapter asked us, Woven City Restoration if we might be interested in building a Free Lending Library for their literacy support initiative.  We readily accepted and set to work making a unique work of art from repurposed materials.

Rochester Housing Authority provided the setting in the walkway and SOSRCO provided volunteer support in the form of aspiring woodworkers to accomplish the task.  The Community Toolbox assisted with a much-needed post to place the library at just the right height. The Rochester Library will stock the Free Lending Library with its initial supply of books.  

Free Lending Libraries are part of a book sharing movement!  They are essentially a little house or box set in a neighborhood where people can come and leave a book or take a book.  Conversations have been started as books are exchanged and neighborhoods are enriched as neighbors come together. Feel free to check out Rochester’s newest city edition just off of Main St downtown.  While you are strolling downtown take time to stop into one of our amazing Main Street businesses!

For more information on Woven City Restoration please visit our website at www.wovencity.org or find us on social media under the same name!